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ADIPA started as a mother and son collaboration. Aditya is a mechanical engineer and MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad. Ruby is a ceramic artist trained at Alfred University (NY). She had a body of two decades of work with studio pottery and ceramics. He had a desire to take an artist’s craft and create a product that could fire up the imagination of millions of people and allow them to discover their own artistic side.

In 2013, Aditya chose to follow his other passion of mentoring youth and his wife Aarti took over. 

ADIPA creates beautiful products that are at the intersection of the two diverse ideas of art and mass production. Our nameplates, studio pottery, handmade tiles and murals will fill up your spaces and  home with warmth and love.


In India, we have countless Gods but each one of us chooses our own particular combination of Gods we pray to. Each meal is a collection of food items, and each bite is created differently depending on the combination we choose – all reflects the very basis of the diversified core of our existence. The language, the smell and the look of India changes at every centimeter of this land. We are a culture attuned to the expression of individuality, yet we remain open to the cultural and creative influences beyond the seven seas.

In the same spirit, we strongly believe that every one of us has a creative side to their personality and it needs to be expressed. The individual  is nothing but a small  part of the whole. We always strive  to make  each one of us bloom artistically together while retaining the distinctive creative self.


Our Factory is located at Chakan, a fast developing industrial township about 40 km North of Pune, India. We employ workers from around the area and train them in the craft of working with clay.

The ADIPA Studio is at Pune and this is where we create new things. We have a small team who has been with us for more than a decade. We also regularly have interns from the top design schools of the world spending time at  our studio,learning under the careful guidance of Ruby Jhunjhunwala. Our studio is the place where we throw in new ideas, and the Studio team throws out a new idea for every idea we throw in. Of course not every one goes out market. We follow a careful selection and pilot marketing process to ensure that only the most worthy ideas are selected.

You are welcome to make an appointment with us and come visit our studio if you’d like to get a first hand feel
of the process.